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Texas Seems Primed to Land Amazon’s Second Headquarters

15th September 2017

Read it.

That’s going to burn so many Leftist butts, they’ll think it’s another hurricane.

The company laid out a pretty detailed wish list for its “HQ2” project, including a metropolitan area with more than one million people, on-site access to mass transit, a commute of 45 minutes or less to an international airport, easy access to a major highway or arterial road, and close proximity to good universities, plus fiber optic internet connections and strong cell phone service. “We want to invest in a community where our employees will enjoy living, recreational opportunities, educational opportunities, and an overall high quality of life,” Amazon’s announcement said, adding that the company is also looking for “communities that think big.”

Dallas would be a good pick — it’s got a central location in the U.S., a very good range of skilled and unskilled labor, and a low cost of living compared to either of the Left Coasts. If they pick one of the suburbs, they won’t even have to suffer from a KleptoDemocrat city administration.

Bezos moved from his native New Mexico to Houston as a toddler, and he spent his early schooling years in the Bayou city, attending River Oaks Elementary School and graduating in 1976 before moving to Florida as a sixth grader. He’s even cousins with George Strait.

Well. There it is.

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