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With 220 Languages Spoken in California, Courts Face an Interpreter Shortage

12th September 2017

Read it.

I wonder whether that inclues idiolects like SJW (‘You’re all racist!’), proglodyte (‘You’re all bigots!’), and Antifa (‘You’re all Nazis!’) — granted, the latter are somewhat limited in their vocabulary, but make up for it in volume.

Courts in other states also were examined and faulted. Along with California, they began working to comply with U.S civil rights law, which bars discrimination based on national origin. Failure to act meant the possible loss of federal money.

That’s why Calexit will never happen — it would cut off the flow of ‘federal money’, which (unlike your money) is free for the taking and inexhaustible.

At least 220 languages are spoken in California, and 44% of residents speak a language other than English at home. Seven million Californians say they cannot speak English well.

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