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The Dems 2020 Field Taking Shape

10th September 2017

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There are a few younger candidates from the margins of the long shots, like Mark Zuckerberg (39 in 2020), or Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (49 in 2020), but the real frontrunners are all well past any normal political sell-by date. Elizabeth Warren will be 71; Joe Biden will be 77; Bernie Sanders will be 78. And people say the Republican electorate is getting old.

Old people with old ideas. It kinda fits.

One Response to “The Dems 2020 Field Taking Shape”

  1. Thomas Says:

    The Dem electorate seems to consist mainly of people who trade their votes for handouts (that includes corporate managers as well as the usual suspects), neurotics who try to regulate everything from hangnails to hurricanes, the “flower power” generation (which includes Hillary, Liz, Joe, and Bernie), and their present-day successors.