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Harriet Harman Brands Jacob Rees-Mogg a ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Following His Admission He Has Never Changed a Nappy

9th September 2017

Read it.

A ‘deadbeat dad’ is somebody who doesn’t support his children, not somebody who plays the beta male at home. All this aside from the fact that people of Rees-Moggs class have servants to do that sort of thing; I doubt that his wife has changed any more ‘nappies’ than Kim Kardashian.

Harriet Harman is a real piece of work — like most Leftists, an unabashed hypocrite.

Here’s what she says: ‘Harman is a committed feminist, having said, “I am in the Labour Party because I am a feminist. I am in the Labour Party because I believe in equality.”‘

Here’s what she does:

In 1996, Harman sent her younger son Joseph to St Olave’s Grammar School, Orpington, a selective grammar school, whereas she had sent her elder son Harry to the Roman Catholic London Oratory School, a grant-maintained school. Harman said of St. Olave’s: “This is a state school that other children in my son’s class will be going to… And admission is open to every child in Southwark irrespective of money or who their parents are”. In fact, no child in Southwark was eligible to apply for admission to St. Olave’s Grammar School, places were solely awarded based on academic ability and only to children from the London Borough of Bromley. No other children from her son’s class or school went to St. Olave’s that year or any other year. Neither did her son have to pass the entrance exam taken by all other pupils.

(This from that notorious right-wing source Wikipedia, so obviously it Can’t Possibly Be True.)

The Tory MP, who has emerged as one of the favourites to become the party’s next leader, quickly responded by saying he would “lose little sleep over Harriet Harman’s disapproval”.

Exactly right. The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.

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