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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

7th September 2017

Late Night Likens Trump to Dracula, Hitler; Invokes ‘White Supremacy’

Group wants Kid Rock Detroit concerts canceled  Because supporting Trump is a violation of their civil rights, or something.

Masha Gessen schools you haters on the Zeroth Amendment  Trump’s ‘agenda’ is ‘hateful’ because, well, Trump.

Trump Must Go, But the Disruption Must Stay  Yeah, explain again how that works….

Here in South Korea, people fear Donald Trump more than Kim Jong-un

MSNBC Analyst Says Network Shouldn’t Pay Him, Because He Can’t Explain Trump [VIDEO]  Would that they all felt that way.

Tens of thousands of witches around the world join forces every month to cast a ‘binding’ spell on Donald Trump and ‘protect’ the world from his actions  With results as you see them. Perhaps they’re the problem.

New York politician campaigns to rename Donald Trump park after Heather Heyer  I have to agree with her, this is a ‘no brainer’, since she obviously has no brain.

Donald Trump doesn’t realise Ivanka ‘isn’t that impressive to people’, says political analyst  Why that ought to matter is, of course, never explained. I suspect that Trump doesn’t give a shit whether political analysts find Ivanka impressive.

Wife Of Trump Org Ethics Attorney Arrested For Having Sex With Prison Inmate  And of course this wouldn’t be news without the Trump connection.

Are Facebook Ads Part of the Russia-Trump Conspiracy Theory?

George Clooney on Trump’s ‘Both Sides’ Phrasing: ‘A Great Crime’  When you only see one side, I suppose it is.

Chelsea Handler Claims Trump Has Broken More Laws Than ‘Dreamers’  I’m waiting for a list. I’m waiting.

Coates: Trump Presidency Is A ‘Negation’ Of Having A Black President  Since having a black President is all about race all the time, as we saw under Obama, I say that’s a good thing.

MSNBC’s Wallace: GOP Haven’t Shown a ‘Conscience,’ ‘Soul’ on Trump  So what? Wallace hasn’t shown a ‘brain’ ‘intelligence’.

Trevor Noah Compares Trump to Killer Asteroid, AIDS, and Godzilla  Trump hasn’t yet compared Trevor Noah to a tree stump, but it’s coming.

Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Mother Nature’s Rage’ Directed at U.S. Because of Trump  And of course an actress is on intimate terms with Mother Nature. Seriously, do people actually listen to this drivel?

One Response to “Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome”

  1. bluebird of bitterness Says:

    If Mother Nature wants to punish people for voting for Trump, then Mother Nature has really lousy aim. Hurricane Harvey did the most damage in the parts of Texas that voted for Hillary Clinton, and relatively little damage in the parts that voted for Trump.