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Stop Faking Service Dogs

6th September 2017

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Here in famously pet-friendly Los Angeles, I encounter dogs that are blatantly not service animals on a daily basis. Recently, during a morning visit to my local café, I laughed when a woman whose tiny dog was thrashing around at the limits of its leash and barking fiercely at other customers loudly proclaimed that it was a service animal. “It’s my service dog,” she said to me, scowling. “You’re not allowed to ask me why I need it!”

3 Responses to “Stop Faking Service Dogs”

  1. Kakola Says:

    I have maintained for many years that dog dander causes brain damage in humans.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    I am prepared to believe that.

  3. Eddie Willers Says:

    Up here in Canuckistan, in the property rental market, we get all kinds of prospects claiming an exemption from pet-related fees as their beast is a ‘service animal’. I usually put a stop to the nonsense by asking for a letter from a licensed physician (ie: not your stress counsellor, masseuse or psychologist) attesting to that fact.