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The Love Brigades vs. the Mosque of Hate

5th September 2017

Read it.

We reported on Sunday that the leaders of the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec were upset about the “hateful” “Islamophobes” in a group known as The Love Brigades who had been distributing leaflets in their neighborhood about the extreme doctrines being propagated by the Center and its mosque.

The identities of the individuals who printed and distributed the leaflets have not been made public. Which is not surprising — in Modern Multicultural Quebec, expressing negative opinions about Islam may well land you in court, especially since the passage of M-103.

The article below from a dhimmi media outlet in Quebec joins in the two-minute hate against the Love Brigades. Read the article first, and then read a translation of the leaflet. You’ll see the extent to which the media and the politicians have misrepresented what the leaflet says. In the USA, the text would not be remotely actionable. At least not for now.

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