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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

5th September 2017

Teacher compares Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan to swastikas

Teacher bans students from classroom after they arrive wearing Donald Trump t-shirts

Florida Cafe Runs Trump Dunking Booth For Planned Parenthood

Democrats Blame Trump for Disappearing Sexual-Assault Report…That Was Archived by Obama Administration

Bush’s EPA Chief Says Trump Staff Was Totally Unprepared For Harvey Response  Seems to me they did okay.

In light of Trump’s dangerous bumbling round North Korea, the American constitution should be changed

Joy Behar Calls Trump’s Rollback Of DACA Program Racist  If you see race in everything, then you’re the racist.

Big Tech fumes over Trump’s decision to deport a million kids  Which, of course, he hasn’t done; he’s merely decided that the law applies to them same as everybody else (what a concept). Does that mean they’ll be deported? Well, are the estimated six million illegals now in the country being deported? Don’t ascribe an efficiency to government that isn’t historically accurate.

Pro-Trump British student facing probe for mocking ISIS

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