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The Great Hate Flood of 2017

4th September 2017

Jim Goad understands the dialectic.

Our grieving nation breathed a sigh of relief when the Associated Press broke the news that Hurricane Harvey was not a racist.

“Black, white, rich, poor: Storm Harvey didn’t discriminate,” read the headline, because the important thing to remember is that even though people were drowning by the dozens and disease was spreading rapidly and tens of thousands were losing everything they’ve ever owned, at least we could all clasp hands and celebrate the fact that Harvey—who may or may not be a white male—had no problem with indiscriminately killing human beings of all colors and ethnic backgrounds.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner—a man not quite as black as a roasted coffee bean but is getting there—graciously assured the city’s estimated 600,000 illegal immigrants that he would block any efforts to deport them should they check into city shelters seeking solace from the storm.

Wait—600,000 illegal immigrants? Houston has more illegal immigrants than either Milwaukee, Las Vegas, or Albuquerque has people?

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