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Nearly 4,000 People Marked Dead Still Took Social Security Checks

1st September 2017

Read it.

And I’ll bet every damned one of them voted Democrat.

2 Responses to “Nearly 4,000 People Marked Dead Still Took Social Security Checks”

  1. Elganned Says:

    Next question: If they were marked dead, why were the checks issued?

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Answer: Government. Government employees think of government as an organization that exists to provide them with jobs. It’s Not Their Money.

    There is an Anthony Trollope story, the name of which I forget, where the heroine’s father has some civil service office that was supposed to be a sinecure, and under some vestigially reformist administration was restructured so that he had a choice: He could get L800 a year by showing up in the office but not having any work to do, or L400 a year and he wouldn’t even have to show up. He decided that he needed the L800, but it did not in the least stop him from complaining quite bitterly about having to go into the office even when there was no work to do. He was a Democrat government employee ahead of his time.