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WaPo Admits Failures of ‘Healthy’ Lunch Program, Skips Obamas’ Role

1st September 2017

Read it.

A multi-million dollar government effort to make school children eat healthier hasn’t worked, according to The Washington Post. But The Post left out one important detail: the Obama administration and First Lady Michelle Obama promoted the program. It was even part of her “Let’s Move!” program.

“The Department of Agriculture has invested seven years and several million dollars in a popular program that claims it gets students to eat significantly more fruits and vegetables,” The Post reported Aug. 24. “But as a recent critique of the research behind the program reveals, ‘significantly more’ often means an amount as small as a single bite of an apple.”

During the Obama presidency, the media repeatedly celebrated the Obamas’ lunch regulations, claiming they’d make school lunches “better” than what even parents provided. At the same time, students shared photos mocking their small, mysterious portions with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama.

Of course not. The Magic Negroes cannot be blamed any time, any where.

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