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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

1st September 2017

Will Trump Suffer Nixon’s Fate?  Uh, no.

NYT’s Kristof Finds Trump ‘Scary’ on Taxes, Must Talk ‘Climate Change’

NBC Blackout: Ignores Trump’s $1 Million Pledge to Harvey Relief  Of course they did.

Joy Reid: Trump Ending DACA Hypocritical Because ‘He’s Married to an Immigrant’

Major Garrett Sneers: Trump ‘Kept His Distance From Suffering’ in Texas

Matt Damon Attacks Trump’s ‘Abhorrent’ Reaction To Charlottesville  I rather doubt that Matt Damon bothered to read Trump’s reaction ot Charlottesville.

Reporters Lobby WH’s Sanders on Behalf of DREAMers, Question Whether He Has a ‘Big Heart’

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