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Greek Life Retreat Cancelled After Banana Peel Found in Tree

31st August 2017

Read it.

A Greek Life retreat at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) was promptly cancelled this weekend after a banana peel was found hanging in a tree.

A student said he threw the peel because he could not find a garbage can, but the incident made some students uneasy, so the school “felt it was imperative to provide space immediately to students affected by this incident.”

I am not making this up. These are not just your garden variety People of Color, but sorority members.

Kids, time to check your privilege.

One Response to “Greek Life Retreat Cancelled After Banana Peel Found in Tree”

  1. RealRick Says:

    These are the folks who will soon be running the world.

    Now try to sleep.

    And you thought “Nightmare on Elm Street” was scary!