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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

31st August 2017

Donald Trump suppressed report into coal mining’s risk to public health, accuses world-leading Nature scientific journal  The odd that he even knows this ‘report’ exists are slim to none.

Alt-Left Insanity: Trump ‘Is Actually a Blind Carnivorous Cave Zombie’

Not Good Enough: CBS Moves the Goalpost for Trump’s Texas Visit

MSNBC Brings on Obama Hack to Blame Trump for Chemical Plant Explosion

‘The Misogynists’ Labels Trump Voters ‘Misanthropic Sociopaths’

Jim Acosta: Could Trump’s Texas Visit Be ‘Harmful’?

Asians ‘being victimised’ because of Trump’s policies, says family of murdered Sikh man  ‘Trump’s policies’, of course, have nothing to do with it.

Donald Trump’s attacks on ‘fake news’ media an incitement to violence, says UN human rights chief  That’s why all those journalists are being murdered in the streets. (Oh, wait….)

Donald Trump and Joseph Stalin have a lot in common when it comes to science  I guess their Hitler muscle is getting tired.

Trump is ‘seized with fear’ over Russia investigation, says veteran news reporter Dan Rather  Uh, no.

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