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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

30th August 2017

Pranksters Plant Klan Hoods And Other Hilarious Items In Trump Tower Gift Shop

Why People Hate the Media: Politico Throws Conniption Over Melania’s Stilettos

The more we talk about Trump being impeached, the less likely people are to act

Joy Reid: Trump Doesn’t Understand ‘Human Scale Of Misery’

Public Service? Celebs Worth $11.5B Bash Trump, Right with PSAs

Fake News Montage: Media Says Trump Lacks ‘Empathy’  Looks as if they all got the memo.

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill: ‘Let’s Buy Twitter’ to ‘Ban Trump!’

Trumka: White House Staff Made Up Of Racists And People Only Looking Out For Wall Street  Pretty rich, coming from a Mafia shill.

Morning Joe: ‘Something Wrong With’ Trump, Not Able to be ‘Human and Empathetic’

Former Biden Chief Of Staff Says Empathy Unnatural For Trump

Trevor Noah on Donald Trump: ‘For a guy who’s not racist, he has a lot of racist friends’  So do you, Trevor, so do you.

Trump criticised for not meeting Harvey victims and marvelling at crowd size during trip  Unlike Obama and Clinton, it’s not all about him. He got out of the way and let the people doing the work do the work.

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