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Professor: Some Calls For Reparations Don’t Go Far Enough

29th August 2017

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Of course not. Greed on the part of Official Victims is bottomless.

A British professor argued in a Monday op-ed that many of the calls for reparations don’t go far enough when addressing the history of slavery.

Birmingham City University Associate Professor Kehinde Andrews wrote in a Guardian op-ed that proposals for free college education for black people and canceling debt in third world countries aren’t good enough calls for reparations.

“In many ways the calls for reparatory justice do not take go far enough. Caricom includes a demand to cancel third world debt, and the Movement for Black Lives for free tuition for African Americans,” Andrews wrote. “Both of these are examples of removing the knife from our backs, rather than healing the wound. Third world debt was an unjust mechanism for maintaining colonial economic control and allowing free access to a deeply problematic school system will not eradicate the impacts of centuries of oppression.”

Dude, there is no knife in your back; if there were, you’d be picking cotton rather than lounging in comfort in your professor’s office. What there is, is your hand in other people’s pockets.

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