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Berkeley Mayor Thinks Antifa Should Be Designated As A Gang

29th August 2017

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Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin said Monday it’s time to classify Antifa as a gang because of the brutal attacks against peaceful supporters of President Donald Trump Sunday.

Previously lionized by mainstream journalists as largely peaceful counter-protests to neo-Nazis, the press made an abrupt about face after more than 100 masked Antifa activists dressed in black showed up at a demonstration at Martin Luther King Civic Center Park on Sunday and began beating unarmed Trump supporters.

Of course, they already are. They are organized, they wear distinctive clothing, and they indulge in violence against their victims in order to terrorize said victims into not resisting them. The only surprise here is that the mayor of a Leftist city government is noticing the elephant in the room and intends to do his job, which is to protect the inhabitants of his city.

UPDATE: But until that happens, he’ll still cave. Berkeley Mayor Wants to Shut Down a Milo Event to Pacify Antifa

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