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Man Tries to Call Police on Girl Who Isn’t in ‘Designated Free Speech Zone’

28th August 2017

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A University of Nebraska-Lincoln employee approached a conservative student that was manning an informational table and demanded that she move her table into the designated free speech zone or risk him calling the cops, according to a video posted Monday by Turning Point USA.

“Isn’t this a public university?” the student and president of TPUSA at the school, Katie Mullens, asked the administrator, to which he replied, “Not with propaganda. You can free speech all you want, but you cannot hand out propaganda.”

Onlooking students began asking the administrator, “Where is the free speech zone?” and expressing confusion over why they weren’t already in a free speech zone given that the table was on public property and the university is public as well. Someone asked, “What is she doing that violates free speech?” to which the administrator could provide no response, saying instead that she didn’t have a reservation for the space.

The brownshirts of the Left are on the march. Yet Trump is the New Hitler.

Mario Savio’s corpse is now generating renewable energy….

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