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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

1st September 2017

Bus Attacks in Parma

Texas Muslims are turning mosques into shelters for Hurricane Harvey victims

Number Of Americans Running To ISIS Down To ‘One Or None’ A Month

Manchester attack: Salman Abedi’s younger brother to go on trial in Libya over part in Isis-linked plot

Erdogan’s Thugs Finally Indicted For Attacking Protesters

Israeli police stop wedding of 14-year-old girl moments before ceremony and arrest father of the bride

Sharia Law for German Soldiers in Jordan?

Almost half of English people more suspicious of Muslims as a result of recent terror attacks, study finds  Gee, I wonder why.

NYC Man Charged With Attempting To Provide Material Support To ISIS

Killer Omar Khadr’s Sister Said ‘They Deserve It’ After 9/11 Terrorist Attack

Borussia Dortmund bus bomb suspect charged with 28 counts of attempted murder

Eid al-Adha 2017: Saudi supplier warns worshippers not to use electricity pylons for sacrificing sheep

Rohingya Muslim villages ‘burned by Burmese army’

Family of Christian girl put in foster care with Muslim family begged to let her stay with grandmother

As a single Muslim father, I know that liberal parenting is the key to tackling the radicalisation of our youth  Good luck with that.

Kabul explosion: Suicide bombing kills at least five in blast near US embassy in Afghanistan’s capital

Culture Enrichers at Italian Resort Gang-Rape Polish Woman, Beat Up Husband

Anti-White Islamist Gets Promoted As ‘Muslim Woman Fighting Stereotypes’ On UK TV

Suicide bombing in Kabul kills 5 people, officials say

Harvey: Muslim youth group hits streets to help Houston residents during storm

Notting Hill Carnival crowd hit by acid attack

Four Decades of Middle Eastern Disaster: The Proximate Cause  A bullet in Khomeini’s head in 1976 would have saved the world a lot of grief.

Belgium: 119 Islamic Institutions Investigated for Extremism in 2016

Iran Doesn’t Need a Land Route to the Mediterranean

Car bombing at busy Baghdad market kills 10 people, authorities say

Sibel Kekilli to German Muslims: “You Are Full of Hate and Jealousy”

Iraqi forces on verge of retaking Tal Afar from Isis

ISIS Propaganda Threatens Pope, Marks Italy As Next Target

Confessed Killer Khadr Wants Fewer Restrictions On His Freedom

ISIS Stronghold Collapses After 8 Day Battle As Caliphate Crumbles

Lebanese soldiers held captive by Isis since 2014 believed to have died  That sounds like a reasonable guess.

Hezbollah Has Been Active in America for Decades

Pope Francis, Christianity threatened in ISIS propaganda video that Vatican aide calls worrying

‘Soldier Of The Islamic State’ Behind Knife Attack In Brussels

Brussels attacker shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ while stabbing soldiers in attempted terror attack

Iranian Ex-Muslim: “In Islam Pretty Much Everything is Forbidden”

Machete Jihad in Brussels

‘Allahu Akbar’: Man Killed After Attacking Soldiers With Machete In Brussels

Brussels machete attack suspect ‘still alive’ after being shot while stabbing soldiers

California Imam Blames The Jews…For ISIS

Isis uses 10-year-old American boy to issue threat to Donald Trump: ‘The battle will end in your lands’

Former UK soldier who fought against Isis in Syria charged with terror offences in Turkey

Kabul mosque attack: Isis claims responsibility after suicide bomb and gun battle kills 14 in Afghan capital

ISIS Uses 10-Year-Old American Boy To Threaten Trump

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