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Transgender Victimhood Narrative: Police Shoot Knife-Wielding ‘Person’

25th August 2017

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“Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” is pretty good advice, but evidently nobody told this to Kenneth “Kiwi” Herring. On Tuesday in St. Louis, Herring attacked a 30-year-old neighbor with a knife, inflicting “severe lacerations” on the man’s face, arms and torso. When police arrived and attempted to arrest Herring, they say he/“she” refused to put down the knife and attacked one of the officers, slicing him in the arm. The officers then fatally shot Herring, who thus became “the 18th Trans Person Murdered in 2017,” according to the lesbian blog Autostraddle.

Of course, if you attack a police officer with a knife, it’s not murder when the cop shoots you, but this is how it how social-justice crusades operate — when the facts don’t fit the narrative, the facts don’t matter.

One Response to “Transgender Victimhood Narrative: Police Shoot Knife-Wielding ‘Person’”

  1. Elganned Says:

    Seems to me the only Victimhood Narrative being promulgated at the moment–with high (or is that bigly?) volume, repeatedly–is that of White People who are being soooo put upon…
    Now you say there’s a Trasgender Victimhood Narrative, too?
    Who knew it was so complicated?