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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

24th August 2017

Donald Trump displays ‘so many of the traits of a sociopath,’ says MSNBC commentator  Which is nothing compared to the traits of a sociopath displayed by MSNBC commentators.

Donald Trump’s Phoenix rally speech revealed a man deteriorating before our very eyes  And yet he never seems to change. An odd definition of ‘deteriorate’. (Unexplained: How ‘the New Hitler’ could get any worse. Stay tuned.)

Donald Trump must be impeached ‘as soon as possible’, says former US Labour Secretary  Robert Reich emerges from a well-deserved obscurity whenever some media hack needs an anti-Republican quote. But nobody else ever seems to listen.

‘Blacks for Trump’: The strange story of the US President’s least likely fan who considers Oprah Winfrey the devil  All Trumps supporters must, of course, be portrayed by the Lamestream Media as oddities. After all, nobody they knew voted for Trump.

Ex-CIA agent seeking to crowdfund Twitter acquisition so that she can shut down Donald Trump’s account  Of course, if any Republican had announced that about Obama, the nuclear firestorm in the press would have blown the ozone layer away.

Companies Aren’t Talking About Trump Anymore on Earnings  Guess they found out that Trump isn’t a good excuse for their poor performance.

Donny Deutsch Takes to MSNBC to Diagnose Trump as a ‘Sociopath’  And of course an ad executive is qualified to diagnose somebody.

To the great disappointment of many, Trump remains President. Ah, well.

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