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Severian on Religion

12th August 2017

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When they aren’t busy telling you how Smart they are — this takes up approximately 92.4% of their day — atheists point out that religion is great for social control (it’s a “technology of power,” as the academic phrase is).  There’s some truth to this – way back in the BCs, Cicero said no two augurs could meet without smiling. Religion justifies the power of the powerful, and reconciles the powerless to their fate.

Problem is, man is a religious animal, because man is a striving animal.  I forget who said it, but at least 75% of mankind’s problems are caused by our inability to sit quietly.  Pick up any volume of medieval history, and marvel at how many people knew they’d end up hanged, drawn, and quartered, but did it anyway… because they felt their honor had been insulted, or over a woman, or on an obscure point of theology, or any of two dozen other things, all of which boil down to “I was bored.”  If a man doesn’t have any real problems to struggle with, he’ll invent some.

A man of the Left himself, Orwell couldn’t see that “Progressivism” can only offer “the hedonistic attitude to life.”  Progressives know there is no God, and only stupid people believe in Him.  They are Smart, and therefore salvation must be found down here, in this world.  Who could possibly ever want more than three hots and a cot?  It’s so bourgeois  to think otherwise.

In 1940, when even Americans involuntarily went to bed hungry from time to time, you could forgive yourself for thinking that we’d eventually educate ourselves out of this bourgeois longing for something more than material comfort.  But who can doubt it now?  Everyone in the West has everything anyone could ever possibly want, to the point that poor people routinely die of heart disease, and we’re miserable.  Does a person who’s content with life worry about which gender he is?  Compared with your average modern SJW, Lenin was a sane, moderate, reasonable man.  The greater the material security, the worse the mental instability.

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