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The Uncomfortable Truth About Affirmative Action and Asian-Americans

12th August 2017

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The application process for schools, fellowships, and jobs always came with a ritual: a person who had a role in choosing me—an admissions officer, an interviewer—would mention in his congratulations that I was “different” from the other Asians. When I won a scholarship that paid for part of my education, a selection panelist told me that I got it because I had moving qualities of heart and originality that Asian applicants generally lacked. Asian applicants were all so alike, and I stood out. In truth, I wasn’t much different from other Asians I knew. I was shy and reticent, played a musical instrument, spent summers drilling math, and had strict parents to whom I was dutiful. But I got the message: to be allowed through a narrow door, an Asian should cultivate not just a sense of individuality but also ways to project “Not like other Asians!”

For Fashionable Victim purposes, Asians have Honorary Whiteness.

One Response to “The Uncomfortable Truth About Affirmative Action and Asian-Americans”

  1. Elganned Says:

    We all know that Asians are mere automata churned out by the factories in Taiwan and Singapore.
    Nothing to see here, citizens. Move along.