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“What is the distribution of Hindu castes among Google employees?”

12th August 2017

Steve Sailer brings up an inconvenient point.

From commenter Eagle Eye:

What is the distribution of Hindu castes among Google employees?

Is Pichai himself an “Untouchable”?

What percentage of Google staff are Shudra (lowest caste)? How many “Googlers” come from “Scheduled Castes” or “Scheduled Tribes” (i.e. underclass groups)?

Do higher-caste Indian women at Google date lower-caste men?

Do Untouchables at Google mix smoothly with senior management?

Does anyone keep track of caste? Why not? Are there lists secretly passed around to keep out caste impostors? (“She is actually only an X from Y state.”)

What about Korean baekjeong at Google?

Let’s have a data-driven conversation with Pich

It is striking how there is virtually zero interest in America in the topic of caste discrimination, even as the number of Indians in important places grows. It suggests, once more, that Current Year obsessions aren’t really about Battling Bigotry in general, but instead are about Getting Whitey in particular.

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