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Ads Trashing Google for Firing Engineer Appear All Over Venice. CA

11th August 2017

Read it.

Ads critical of Google’s decision to fire an engineer over a diversity memo are appearing all over Venice near the company’s office.

One of the unofficial advertisements shows the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs with the accompanying phrase “Think different.” Right underneath that image is a picture of Google CEO Sundar Pichai saying “not so much.”

Sounds as if the geeks are revolting.

Another one uses the same tagline “Think Different,” but instead of the two tech leaders, there are just the logos of the two respective companies. “Get Hired” is featured next to Apple’s insignia, while “Get Fired” is positioned next to Google’s.

Both forms of conspicuous critique have apparently been spotted at bus stops and on park benches.

Sundar Pichai’s Important Part must be feeling pretty sore right about now….

UPDATE: Pictures: Meanwhile, at a bus stop in Venice, CA …

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