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Crop Rot Fever, Part MLXVIII

10th August 2017

Steve Sailer points to some inconvenient truth.

I’ve been trying to make a joke out of all the Crops Rotting in the Fields scare headlines for over a decade now, but I don’t think I’m making much progress.

I pointed out back in 2006 that you could bring back slavery and the whip and there’d still be enough crops rotting in the fields somewhere each year for the growers’ PR flacks to churn out the same press releases.

My evolutionary psychology just-so story for why this is such a perennial shtick that apparently never grows old is that agricultural peoples under Malthusian conditions must have evolved to be highly triggered by the news that some of the harvest won’t be gotten in. I bet hunter-gatherers don’t give a damn about crop rot headlines.

Nope, we really don’t, as long as our grapes come from Chile and our corn-on-the-cob from next door.

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