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Extra Crispr

9th August 2017

ZMan connects the dots.

The old gag about race is that race is a social construct until you need a bone marrow transplant. Not a lot of people have that talk with their doctor, but imagine a world where everyone has a genetic realism talk with their dog breeder. When you know Rover had a known defect in his breed fixed by a vet at the canine gene clinic, talking about biological reality gets a lot easier.

As people come to accept the reality of gene editing, even if it is just to make better dog breeds, it is much more difficult to maintain the mythologies of the blank slate.  Once people come to accept that things like IQ and personality traits are determined by our genes, the blank slate is finished. Even if people don’t accept genetic determinism, they will accept testing for IQ and personality traits to fill engineering positions. In other words, strides in genetics will restore a more sober understanding of the human condition.

This is the negation of the core belief of our ruling elite, but it is telling that our rulers seem to be going in the opposite direction. As science makes clear the realities of human biology, our rulers scream ever louder to the contrary. Instead of simply ignoring the new information, they are waging pogroms too root out anyone not fully committed to their biological denialism. Every week were treated to some new scandal where a heretic is brought forth and punished for acknowledging reality.

One Response to “Extra Crispr”

  1. Elganned Says:

    “Gene therapy” is always sold as the miracle which will cure cancer, cleft palates, clubfoot, MS, and all manner of congenital diseases and maladies.
    In reality it is the threshold to realizing the century-old dream of eugenics, of customizing embryos to make them “stronger, better, faster. We have the technology.” Or soon will have.

    The brave new world is upon us. It was nice knowing you…I think…