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The Trillion-Dollar Question

9th August 2017

Steve Sailer follows the money.

Amusingly, the liberal elites who financed Obama’s reelection in 2012 had no idea that Obama’s turnout strategy of unifying his ungainly coalition of the fringes by ginning up hatred against cishet white males would rebound against them in the ensuing years.

Once the president was reelected, however, the real Obama could safely come out. Just as I had predicted in my 2008 book America’s Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama’s “Story of Race and Inheritance” Obama’s first term was pretty sensible and his second term pretty…authentic.

The second Obama administration was free to point its resentful allies at the rich prizes in the tech industry, the entertainment industry, and academia.

Ironically, after decades of globalism, there isn’t much left to loot among Trump’s base, so now the lucrative blue-state institutions are in the crosshairs. All these highly Democratic industries have since been getting cannibalized by fellow Democrats in the ongoing meltdown of liberalism, what archaeologists might someday call the Late Obama Age Collapse. We are still watching progressives claw each other’s eyes out as they fail to peacefully divvy up the plunder.

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