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Internet Gatekeepers’ Misconduct

8th August 2017

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Google locked conservative University of Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson out of all his Google accounts. The probable cause is his dissent with the identity politics of the Left, especially his opposition to the mandatory use of “gender neutral pronouns.”

Facebook was caught manually selecting and removing news stories, which it displayed as Trending.  The users were told that the stories were trending among other Facebook viewers and were placed automatically, although the stories were hand-picked by mostly leftist editors.  Later, the editorial team doing selection was laid off, most likely because Facebook has developed algorithms to emulate its choices.

Twitter has been shadow banning accounts of non-conforming authors, including our friend Scott Adams, since at least October 2016. See his posts Twitter and Periscope Shadowban Update and Am I Shadowbanned on Twitter?  Adams’ only “controversial” opinions are dissent from climate alarmism and support of Donald Trump.  Shadow banning is an especially nasty way of silencing dissent because neither viewers nor the author are notified of the ban.  The posts are not shown to viewers while the author remains unaware of it.

Microsoft’s Bing Search is no better than Google Search on the climate debate, indicating that Microsoft artificially down-ranked climate realist content.  Microsoft also abuses its screensaver rotation feature to send us leftist political messages.  A couple weeks ago, Microsoft announced “creating a carbon-free headquarters in the Puget Sound region”. Microsoft Windows runs our desktops and laptops, and the company can brick most of them with a single update.

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