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Google Fires Gender Dissenter

8th August 2017

There is much of this in the news; let this serve as an epitome.

Just as we predicted, the Google engineer behind the memo dissenting from the orthodoxy of “diversity,” whose name is James Damore, was fired today.

Dissent cannot be included; “diversity” of opinion runs all the way from A to B.

George Orwell, call your office. Mr. Damore, call your lawyer. Memo to the Trump administration: time to open aggressive antitrust investigations of Google and Facebook.

Which is, of course, the wrong reaction. To use the political system to attack those who do things we don’t like is what Democrats do, and Republicans surrender to that temptation far too often and at their peril.

The correct reaction is, of course, to point out that the ‘diversity’ embraced by the Politically Correct is diversity in those least important physical characteristics, appearance, and sacrifices the only diversity that will actually work to accomplish the supposed goals of the ‘diversity’ crusaders, diversity of thought. This dichotomy needs to be hammered home at every opportunity in every forum available to those who value truth above totalitarian uniformity.

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