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USC’s Title IX Catastrophe: When Gender Studies Majors Act as Judge, Jury, and Executioner

4th August 2017

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USC charged, convicted, and expelled Matt Boermeester for domestic violence, despite his girlfriend’s consistent confirmations that no such violence occurred. His girlfriend, fellow student Zoe Katz, has spoken out against the university’s refusal to believe her insistence that the investigation was baseless. The charge of violence against Boermeester was reported by a third party, who heard an account from a neighbor of Katz’s. The neighbor interpreted an encounter between Katz and her boyfriend as a form of violence or force, but Katz refuted this characterization from the moment she was questioned. Throughout a six-month Title IX investigation — which should have begun and ended with her initial questioning — Katz explained that she and Boermeester were merely roughhousing and nothing more.

California is turning into a civil-rights lawyer’s paradise.

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