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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

11th August 2017

ALGERIA: Insufficiently Anti-Semitic

Turkey’s New Morality Police

Syria’s female soldiers prepare to take on Isis in battle for Raqqa

Jihadist BUSTED After Trying To Crowdsource Attack On US Airbase

Human trafficking and slavery affecting ‘every large town and city in UK’

Police Know Exactly Who Rammed His BMW Into Soldiers In Paris  ‘Algerian man’

18 people convicted after girls and young women groomed, drugged and raped in Newcastle

Police paid convicted child rapist almost £10,000 to spy on ‘sex parties’ as part of Newcastle grooming investigation

Feminists Insist The Internet Is Not A Safe Space In Pakistan, Where Women Still Get Stoned To Death

German Authorities Arrest Syrian Man For War Crimes, ISIS Membership

Democratic Congressman Hangs Hijab-Clad Statue of Liberty Painting in Office

Paris: Man shot and arrested on motorway after suspected terror attack on French soldiers

Iraq to hang 27 Isis members over role in massacre of army recruits at Camp Speicher

Muslim convert ‘snitched on’ by pregnant wife when he tried to join Isis

Paris attack: Six French soldiers injured after being ‘deliberately’ hit by BMW in suspected terror attack

Refugees face kidnap, torture, rape and slavery in Libyan ‘living hell’, Oxfam report says  They could always go back where they came from. Just a thought.

Abdulwahab Hafidah: 11 gang members found guilty of chasing down and killing 18-year-old in Manchester

Manchester Airport pipe bomb: Nadeem Muhammad guilty of plot to endanger life after explosive found in hand luggage

Afghanistan’s Own Vice President Is Fomenting Insurrection  My, what a surprise.

Bangladeshi Man Charged With Attempting To Kill US Service Member In Support Of ISIS

Malaysian atheist group under investigation over alleged Muslim apostate members

Tunisian fishermen prevent anti-immigrant ship C-Star docking in North African coast  When did ‘Tunisian’ become a race?

German Isis bride’s capture footage emerges as she now faces death penalty in Iraq

Spike in number of Syrian teens marrying as child brides in Jordan

ISIS And The Taliban Team Up In Afghanistan

Families ‘Donate’ Kids To Jihadis To Become Suicide Bombers

Germany: More Dangerous Than Mongolia, But Not as Bad as Gambia

Dozens of civilians killed in ‘brutal, inhumane way’ in Afghanistan  Sounds like jihad to me….

Slaughterhouse Jive

Duke of Marlborough converted to Islam in prison to be given ‘more food’

Israel has stripped citizenship from an Arab Israeli for the first time ever

Isis unit in Syria ‘training British jihadis’ to launch wave of attacks on UK targets  Still room at Gitmo, guys.

Israel to shut Al Jazeera offices and revoke journalists’ credentials

Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Knife-Wielding Man Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’

Migrant Throws Stones at a Restaurant in Florence. Italians Take Action.

Isis: 2,000 fighters using Raqqa’s civilians as human shields as US-led coalition makes significant gains in Syria

Inside the Saudi town that’s been under siege for three months by its own government

Isis: UN study finds foreign fighters in Syria ‘lack basic understanding of Islam’

Al Jazeera: The Terrorist Propaganda Network

Syrian-Palestinian web developer and cyberactivist Bassel Khartabil “executed”

Isis leaders begin forcibly conscripting Syrian civilians in unprecedented move

Isis recruiter who acted as ‘ambassador’ to UK is jailed after sending jihadis to Syria

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