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Let’s Watch the ‘Death Wish’ Trailer and Talk About How Problematic It Is

3rd August 2017

Read it.

I liked the original and I fully intend to see this one.

The reaction by The Usual Suspects among the Chattering Class are fairly typical.

The chief characteristic is ignorance: Ignorance of history (Reagan was President in 1974? And I missed it?), ignorance of language (a vigilante going around shooting people is ‘fascist’? Tell Mussolini the news.), just general ignorance of the conditions under with the Underclass are forced to live in this country (and our Underclass has it better than most).

Any community that cannot depend on government to protect its members will generate ‘vigilantes’ who will do what needs to be done to keep them and their people safe. This is what a street gang is all about; that’s why you don’t see street gangs in Beverly Hills, Grosse Pointe, or the Hamptons.

The people who react with disgust and alarm are the very people who don’t have to live that life — notice that all of the complainers are affluent white people whose worst worry is the possibility that they’ll strain a muscle during their daily ride on their $2000 Italian bike. Or maybe that their latte won’t be up to spec.


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