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Is It a Good Thing If Harvard Becomes 40% Asian?

3rd August 2017

Read it.

We assume that if Harvard stopped discriminating against Asians, the student body would very quickly become 40% Asian. U.C. Berkeley is 42% Asian.

Harvard obviously thinks this would be a bad thing for Harvard, otherwise they wouldn’t discriminate against Asians.

Couldn’t hurt.

One Response to “Is It a Good Thing If Harvard Becomes 40% Asian?”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Can you really compare UC Berserkeley to Harvard?

    I picture Harvard with an application form that says, “Are you a member of The Crust? If yes, send tuition. If no, shred this form.”

    Also, how hard of a school can it be? Ted Kennedy graduated from Harvard.

    Meanwhile Berkeley is graduating the future leaders of California. Like Jerry Brown (who was also a Yale grad, so he both attended and smoked Ivy).