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Proglodyte Puritan: AlGore

2nd August 2017

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The highlight of CNN’s primetime lineup Tuesday was  The Climate Crisis town hall where they teamed up with former Vice President and climate alarmist Al Gore to push his propaganda. “Consensus in the scientific community is clear. Sea levels are rising. The oceans are warming,” moderator Anderson Cooper declared as he started the program. The event became even more ridiculous when Gore equated getting people to believe him was like the Civil Rights movement, in that “it’s just really a question of right and wrong.”

So it’s not a “scientific” issue, it’s a MORAL issue. Climate change “deniers” aren’t just wrong, they’re heretics, they’re sinners, who must be punished for not believing What All Right Thinking People Believe.

Watching these people on TV is like an eternal episode of the Leftist version of the 700 Club. It’s all utterly predictable “preaching to the choir”, and all utterly BORING.

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