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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

4th August 2017

Why Trump Can’t Trust the Kabul Government

Hyperloop Projects May Be Uniquely Vulnerable to Terrorism  A world full of Muslim jihadis is not a good place for delicate infrastructure.

Australian Community Bans Synagogue Construction Because Terrorists Might Target It

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Reaffirms “Islamic Caliphate” Ambition

The Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee Just Took a Big Step to Curb Palestinian Terrorism

Herat attack: Father of Afghan girl robotics team captain killed by Isis suicide bombing Herat mosque

Sophisticated Australian Airplane Bombing Plot a Warning To the West

Father Of Afghan Robotics Team Captain Killed By ISIS Suicide Bombers

Italy Deploys Navy To End Migrant Crisis

Man threatens to blow up Islamic bookshop and ‘kill the Muslims’ in London

Bassel Khartabil Safadi dead: One of Syria’s most famous activists has been executed in prison, widow confirms

Briton who died fighting Isis in Syria ‘killed himself to avoid capture’

‘Three Musketeers’ terror cell may have met with Anjem Choudary days before starting to plan Lee Rigby-style attack

A Killing in Amman Portends More Animosity Between Israel and Jordan

Lawful or Unlawful? Ask the Imam at the Fatwa Kiosk

European Court Stops Germany From Deporting ‘Dangerous’ Islamist

American ISIS Supporter Headed To Prison For 20 Years After Advocating For Death Of US Troops

Palestinian Man Confesses To Killing His Pregnant Jewish Girlfriend

How the Somali Government Is Getting Terrorists to Defect

‘Three Musketeers’ Terror Group Found Guilty Of Plotting Attack On UK Authorities

California CEO Arrested For Smuggling Military Equipment To Syria

Saudi Arabia: Women’s rights activist freed after 104 days of detention without her male guardian

Yemen man convicted of raping and murdering three-year-old girl executed by machine gun

Muslims Form Fundamentalist Biker Gang In Germany  I am not making this up.

The Islamization of History

Woe betide the Kurds of northern Syria when the war is over

Islamic State Supporter Arrested in Basque Country

A Big Bomb in Småland

Malmö: Graduate School for Gunshot-Wound Surgeons

Revealed: Arrested ISIS Terrorists Planned To Gas Everyone On Australian Plane

MP slams decision to ‘release former child sex gang ringleader Mubarek Ali 17 years early’

UK Reportedly Strips 150 Jihadis Of Their Passports

4 Additional Key Terrorists Killed In Drone Strike On ISIS Leader, US Reveals

Isis fighters’ bride reveals horror of life in the so-called caliphate

Australian Police Foil ‘Islamic-Inspired’ Plot To ‘Bring Down An Airplane’

Iraqi Man Identified As Perpetrator In German Nightclub Shooting

Mogadishu explosion: Car bomb leaves ‘at least six’ dead and 20 wounded in Somali capital

The Hamburg Mujahid: A Lone Wolf, and Mentally Unstable

Hamburg attacker who killed one and injured six is ‘known Islamist’ with psychological problems

Muslim radio station shut down after broadcasting 25 hours of lectures by al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki

British man who fought against Isis in Syria is arrested by Turkish authorities over ‘terrorism’

Hamburg attack: One dead and six injured after stabbing in Barmbek supermarket

Israel risks igniting ‘religious war’ over Jerusalem security measures, warns head of Arab League  News flash: There already is a ‘religious war’, which is why the ‘security measures’ are needed.

Iranian Expat in Germany: “The Country is Being Islamized”

France Gives Up On Rehab Center For Jihadis

The Hamburg Mujahid: A Palestinian “Refugee” — And an “Extremist” Known to Police Who Could Not Be Deported

Prayers in the Jordanian Parliament Celebrating Palestinians Who Killed Jews on the Temple Mount

Deadly Knife Jihad at a Hamburg Supermarket

Australia’s Halal Chief Says White Women Need To Be Fertilized By Muslim Men

One Dead, Several Injured In Suspected Terror Attack In Germany

U.S. Islamists Promote Nationwide Protests Despite Israeli Concessions

British Girl Gets Raped By ‘Asian Man,’ Runs For Help, Gets Raped Again By ‘Asian’ Rescuer

Tank DEMOLISHES ISIS Suicide Car Bomb To Contain Fallout [Video]  Undoubtedly American-trained.

Joint US-Afghan Operation Kills Two Al-Qaida Leaders, Captures A Third

Women raped daily by Isis are so damaged they are falling into deep sleeps and not getting up

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