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More Multiculti Merriment in Minneapolis

22nd July 2017

Steve Sailer follows all of this so that you don’t have to.

Mayor of Minneapolis fires white (and Canadian Amerindian) lesbian police chief after Somali diversity hire shoots yoga lady, replaces her with black guy with inscrutable name Medaria Arradondo (huh? What happened to Minnesotans named Svenson? Have I been lied to by Prairie Home Companion all these years?), African American hecklers get in mayor’s face, drive her from conference room.

The whole point of Prairie Home Companion was anthropology — an attempt by a born-in-Flyover-Country-but-left-as-soon-as-I-could would-be Left Coaster to explain these strange native tribes from the undiscovered country of the Midwest to the Real People of the Coast. The upper Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan), perhaps tainted by its proximity to Canada, has long been a cornerstone of Commie America.

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