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Tribes Are Just Big Families. Yup, That Bad.

21st July 2017

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Somehow, I’m betting that most of you fled from the bosom of your families in order to go live out in the big cold atomized impersonal individualistic world, and you’re not exactly champing at the bit to go back.

Because there are costs, and they are crushing.  Families do not understand, cannot understand, personal boundaries.  The counterbalance to “your family will always care about you” is “your family will feel free to use and remake every part of your existence.”  Families are places where every point of incompatibility or tension will be rubbed raw until it bleeds and festers, because people can’t just agree to leave each other alone.  Families subordinate your dreams to their own collective ambitions and values.  Families run Every. Single. Thing. through a system of manipulative personal politics.

Different people have different levels of tolerance for such things, and so the individualism / tribalism tradeoff plays out differently in every case.

I have very little. Most of my relatives are people with whom I would not voluntarily associate.

2 Responses to “Tribes Are Just Big Families. Yup, That Bad.”

  1. Elganned Says:

    But despite all the negatives involved, we have yet to figure out a way to have and raise children without families.
    However, I’m sure Paul Ryan is working on a solution as we speak (or write, as it were).

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    I doubt that Paul Ryan spends any time on it, since raising children without families is a Democrat thing, It Takes A Village and all that. The destruction of the black family through government welfare programs is primarily a Democrat achievement; maybe you could ask Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi what their plans are.