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Popular Hip-Hop Artist Talib Kweli Spends Weekend Calling Black People ‘Coons’ On Twitter

16th July 2017

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Talib Kweli, the popular artist best known for being the other half of the hip-hop group Black Star, dedicated countless hours over the weekend fighting against perceived “racism” by calling other black men “coons.” He directed much of his ire toward respected African-American economist Thomas Sowell, against whom he has a long-held grudge.

Any of Thomas Sowell’s fingers has a bigger brain than Talib Kweli.

Kweli once claimed that Sowell’s contributions to the conservative publication National Review made him a “white supremacist.”

It’s not enough to be black, you have to be the Right Kind of Black.

Kweli responded to Virk’s remark by sending him dozens upon dozens of replies with remarks like “Coon coon coon coon coon.”

I guess we know who the coon is.

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