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Islamic Terror in Europe: The Statistics

15th July 2017

Read it.

The following analysis from Denmark uses statistics published by the European Union to demonstrate which political or religious group is responsible for most deadly terrorist attacks in Europe. The conclusion is no surprise to Gates of Vienna readers, but perhaps the average Danish viewer is not as aware of the magnitude of Islamic terrorism in the West.

One statistic presented in this video made me curious: the fact that 95% of those killed in terror attacks in 2016 were killed by Muslim terrorists. Five percent of 142 is seven, so seven people were killed in non-Muslim terror attacks in 2016. I’m not doubting the authenticity of this figure, but do you remember those attacks? Because I don’t. The Finsbury Park Mosque attack didn’t occur until this year. I can’t remember any other recent deadly non-Muslim attacks. Did the Black Block, Antifa, or UAF actually manage to kill someone in 2016 during their looting and burning? Or is some of the violence in Ukraine perhaps included in these numbers?

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