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American Indians Accuse ‘Choctaw’ Prof of Faking Her Ethnicity

11th July 2017

Read it.

No, it’s not Fauxcahontas.

American Indians from FakeIndians, a blog dedicated to unmasking fake American Indians, asserted Gina Stuart-Richard, who advertises herself as an American Indian and has been hired by the University of Oklahoma to teach Native American Studies, is actually white, reported The College Fix Monday.


“She has not one drop of Choctaw blood,” said FakeIndians. “I went back and looked at six generations of Gina Stuart-Richard’s line, and every last person is listed as white.”

The horror.

The department chair went on to state that people could identify as American Indian not just through race/ancestry, but also through culture and politics, for example, by enrollment in the tribe.

Except that the tribe won’t enroll you unless you’re at least 50% by blood. ‘Identify’ isn’t enough.

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