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Poor Design Will Be The Death of Us All

11th July 2017

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During World War II wage and price controls were implemented in a foolish attempt to restrict the unrestrictable. This led companies to compete for employees by providing tax-free health care for their employees. This was never a well-thought public policy. It was not debated and analyzed. It was simply a response to the flawed thinking behind wage and price controls.

And now a little over 70 years later we are still living with this debacle as it has become only more ingrained in our collective lives. This decades old response to a bad idea in all likelihood has forever ended any chance we might someday have a free market for health care as we do for almost every other product. At some point it time it simply becomes “you can’t get there from here.”

Sadly, in all likelihood this one response to a foolish idea will ensure we have socialized medicine forever. And as many have noted, socialized medicine leads to only more socialism, and socialism has never worked long-term in any society in the history of humans. We face this bleak reality all because of a poor idea implemented decades ago.


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