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Wounded Baton Rouge Cop Sues #BlackLivesMatter, Deray McKesson

8th July 2017

Read it.

Think of it as ‘reparations’.

A victim of the anti-police shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana last year is now suing Black Lives Matter-associated activists for inciting violence that led to the shooting.

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist and liberal media darling Deray McKesson is mentioned in the suit, as are four other #BLM activists. It reportedly seeks at least $75,000 in damages.

The shooter in Baton Rouge, Gavin Long, an African-American military veteran, reportedly made a manifesto before the shooting where he talked about a war between “good cops” and “bad cops” and thought he had to “bring the same destruction that bad cops continue to inflict upon my people.”

“I see my actions as a necessary evil that I do not wish to partake in, nor do I enjoy partaking in, but must partake in, in order to create substantial change within America’s police force, and judicial system.” he wrote in his manifesto.

The suit, if successful, could set a precedent for how a group’s rhetoric could lead to violence and terror, like in the case of anti-police shootings in Baton Rouge and Dallas, where Micah Xavier Johnson opened fire on officers, killing five and wounding nine.

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