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Who did rich people really vote for?

8th July 2017

Read it.

A new data source became available in April, at the U.C. Berkeley SDA archive, and that’s the American National Election Studies (ANES) 2016. This provides a cornucopia of information not available in the exit polls.

I ran this report selecting only non-Hispanic white voters.

In this dataset, among this demographic, Trump beat Clinton by 52.5% to 40.2%

However, the breakdown by income clearly shows that those with the top incomes swung decisively for Clinton. Trump’s support came from whites with income below than $110,000/year. Note that study asks for “family income.”

Income below $110,000: Trump beats Clinton 55.7% to 36.7%
Income $110,000 and above: Clinton beats Trump 50.3% to 43.3%

Democrats, party of the rich.

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