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Democrats Bring the Racism: Feminist Website Argues On-Screen Interracial Relationships Are Bad

7th July 2017

Read it.

The party of Bull Connor and Orval Faubus reverts to its roots.

White supremacists aren’t the only group of people who oppose mixed-race relationships. Writing for the Univision-owned feminist website Jezebel, Aditi Natasha Kini says she’s “tired of watching brown men fall in love with white women onscreen.”

O.J., call your parole officer.

The Jezebel writer argues that while it’s progress to see Asian men getting the girl for once, and for Asian men to finally be cast in leading roles instead of supporting ones, she claims that the medium centers “white women as the love interest – a concept which, in the complex hierarchy of power and race in America, pays lip-service to the one notion that has shaped the history of South Asian and American culture alike: Whiteness as the ultimate desire, the highest goal in defining oneself as American.”

The argument is an ahistorical view that erases the existence of non-white female leads in movies like the 2002 James Bond movie “Die Another Day,” featuring Halle Berry; the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger film “Eraser,” starring Vanessa Williams; and “The Bodyguard” in 1992, which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

Only in one-drop Democrat America would Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, and Whitney Houston be considered ‘black’.

Think I’m kidding? Show their pictures to an African and ask.

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