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If You’re Conservative, Here’s Why Liberals Hate Your Guts

2nd July 2017

Read it.

It’s not just ‘conservatives’, it’s anybody who doesn’t totally buy into the proglodyte agenda.

Liberals project their own hatred onto conservatives regularly with their rhetoric. She doesn’t support gay marriage? She must hate gays. She doesn’t want to expand welfare? She must hate the poor. He doesn’t want to tear down a statue of a Founding Father who held slaves? He must hate black people. That’s their excuse for their own hatred. It’s actually YOU who hates everyone; so they have to HATE YOU right back. This accounts for what my girlfriend Sierra Marlee calls their “I care about everyone and if you don’t believe that then I hope your kids get cancer” attitude.

That’s the problem. They don’t believe they did anything wrong. They believe the real issue is that you’re racist, sexist, subhuman pieces of garbage who need to be punished. When they get back into power, they’re going to do EXACTLY that and they will feel like you DESERVE IT the entire time because you’re so evil. I wish it wasn’t that way, but that is what the modern Left has become and if we don’t acknowledge that reality, we’re kidding ourselves.

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