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How Non-Scientists Think About Science and Science-Denial

1st July 2017

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Mostly it is interesting because the article shows how some of America’s non-scientists think about science: as a body of correct knowledge that is being gradually refined. Why is that remarkable? Michael Myers, the foundation manager interviewed, appears to be at least 60. Thus he was born into a more-or-less static Earth, contracting from its birth heat and thus sometimes wrinkling up into mountains. Around 1968, however, at least the younger geologists began to accept the continental drift hypothesis (some history from New York Times). So he should know as well as anyone that to talk about someone rejecting “science” is a rather vague accusation. Does the denier deny today’s theories or yesterday’s?

Can it be that for these non-scientists science is actually a religion? That would explain why they get so upset that someone would dare to “deny science”. And that would explain why they can’t remember that the best minds of science used to believe completely different stuff than what they currently believe. Religious dogma tends to be mostly static, with gradual refinement.

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