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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

7th July 2017

Ohio man pleads guilty to trying to help Islamic State group

Yazidi teenager captured by Isis says they were planning ‘big, big attack’ on Europe

Ohio Man Pleads Guilty For Providing Support To ISIS

Prosecutors: Man who wanted jihad tried to join US military

109 Terror Convictions In UK Since 2014

ISIS Fighters Hiding Behind Wives, Children In Last Stand

Iranians Arrest Christians On ‘Blasphemy’ Charges

Poll: Poland Would Rather Leave The EU Than Take In More Refugees

Iraqi Commander: 300 ISIS Fighters Left In Mosul

Austria deploys armed tanks to prevent flux of migrants crossing border

British actor Michael Enright quits Hollywood to fight Isis in Syria

The Third Mohammedan Invasion

ISIS Fighters Shaving Beards To Escape Mosul Undetected

US Special Forces Have Taken Out 50 ISIS Leaders Since Trump Became President

ISIS Uses Children’s Swing Set To Execute Hostages

German Intel Agency Says Hundreds Of Jihadis Arrived Among Refugees  My, what a surprise.

Iraqi male model brutally killed in Baghdad ‘because of his good looks’

Iraq declares the end of Isis on third anniversary of declaration of caliphate

Mob kills Rohingya Muslim with bricks in street attack as violence against group intensifies in Burma

The Islamic State of Al-Qaeda

Killer Of U.S. Soldier To Get Apology And $10 Million From Trudeau Government

Teenager who plotted terrorist attacks across London on 9/11 anniversary jailed for life

Austria Ready To Deploy Soldiers To Stop Migrant Influx

Israel Suing Family Of Terrorist Who Killed 4 IDF Soldiers In Landmark Case

Navy SEAL: ISIS Is Gunning Down Pregnant Women And Babies

#NotAllMuslims Jailed For Plotting To Bomb Elton John Concert

Number Of Islamist Extremists In Sweden Grows Tenfold In Seven Years  Letting Muslims into your country will do that.

Student Union President: Oppress White People, Make Koran Required Reading For ‘Islamic Takeover’

Suicide bomber dressed as woman kills 14 in Iraq refugee camp

ISIS Fighter Dresses As A Woman To Bomb Refugees

‘Eight injured’ in shooting outside French mosque  Apparently there is no French equivalent for ‘white guilt’.

Damascus car bomb: At least 18 dead after suicide bombers lead police on chase through Syrian capital

Tunisian in Austria Murders Elderly Couple to Teach the FPÖ a Lesson

‘We Won’t Be Able To Handle It Any Longer:’ Italy Mulls Shutdown On Arrival Of Migrant Boats

East London acid attack: When Muslims are the victims, we refuse to call it terrorism

Study: European Muslims Perpetrate Disproportionate Number of Anti-Semitic Attacks  My, what a surprise.

Isis has ‘fallen’ in Iraq and is now hanging on by a thread in its last stronghold

Radio Show Suspended After Host Says That Women Can Beat Their Drunk Husbands

Man jailed for hitting Muslim woman in the face with bacon

Woman held at Heathrow on suspicion of preparing terrorist attack

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