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British Van Driver Dies After Migrants Block Road

29th June 2017

Read it.

A British van driver died in a massive crash a week ago after migrants placed tree trunks on the highway to stop motorists in an attempt to get a ride from France into the United Kingdom, Breitbart News reports.

When the van was unable to slow down before the barrier, it caught fire and the driver was killed. Nine Eritrean migrants have been arrested, suspected of planting the wooden blockade, and are now in police custody.

Makes you wonder where the French police are in all this. (And why they’re so desperate to get to Britain — France must be pretty bad. Or maybe the French just don’t play the ‘poor little refugee’ game.)

The presence of migrants has not only hurt truckers financially, but their jobs are becoming increasingly precarious. HGV drivers have cited a newfound “gauntlet of intimidation and fear” of transporting goods to Britain. Migrants armed with baseball bats, iron bars, and even guns have made the French Calais region extremely treacherous.

Does France even have police in this area? Doesn’t sound like it. Maybe Brexit ought to have come several years ago, before the Channel Tunnel was built.

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