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This Protester Used Virtue Signaling At Its Finest

29th June 2017

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A woman attending a Planned Parenthood protest Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill held a sign signaling to the world how much greater her virtues were than any Republican, or American, supporting the Obamacare repeal effort.

“I don’t know how to convince you to care about others,” the sign read.

Hundreds of protestors marched to express their disdain for Senate Republicans’ bill to repeal major portions of Obamacare. The most consistent complaints of the Senate bill among those in attendance were the 1-year cut to Planned Parenthood funding and the steep cuts to Medicaid.

The obvious response is ‘I don’t know how to convince you to mind your own fucking business and keep your nose out of mine (and your hand out of my pocket).’ But that doesn’t fit conveniently on a sign.

And of course anyone who supports abortion-mill Planned Parenthood has no standing from which to criticize other people about ‘not caring about others’.

4 Responses to “This Protester Used Virtue Signaling At Its Finest”

  1. Elganned Says:

    When Pro-Lifers start talking seriously about pregnancy-prevention–beyond Abstinence Only–and stop trying to chop pre-natal care and pregnancy services from health care, not to mention gutting Medicaid like a fish when it’s practically the only assistance program that serves childbirth, then you can talk.

    Until then, you’re just trying to assuage your own conscience by saddling someone else with a burden you are unwilling to help carry.

  2. bluebird of bitterness Says:

    Preventing the killing of an innocent child is equivalent to “saddling someone else with a burden you are unwilling to help carry”? Oh please. Saying that a man is not allowed to oppose baby killing unless he’s prepared to personally support every baby slated for abortion is like saying that a man is not allowed to oppose wife beating unless he’s prepared to take in and support every battered wife in the country.

    And if you were not so ignorant, you’d know that no one does more than pro-lifers do to help women experiencing unplanned pregnancies There are thousands of pro-life pregnancy centers around the country that offer practical assistance to women with problem pregnancies. They are staffed by volunteers, funded by voluntary donations, and offer all of their services to their clients free of charge. Planned Parenthood, by contrast, rakes in millions of dollars in government funding, yet they still charge their clients for their “services” (if you can call having one’s unborn child sliced and diced and flushed down the drain a “service”).

  3. Elganned Says:

    And there is the place where your choice of words derails the conversation. The growth in question is not an “unborn child”; rather, it is a growth symbiotically attached to the woman. I can potentially become a child, but it is not at the time when abortions regularly take place. If you doubt it, remove it from the womb and see how long it can breathe on its own. It is not a child until it has viable lungs. Until then it is part of the woman, and if she chooses to have it removed, who are you to say she cannot?

    And all of your pregnancy-help ends once the child is born. Where are the advocates for child care? If you do not know (I personally do), children are the greatest time- and money-suckers ever devised. How does a single woman secure good employment, or pursue an education, with baby on hip? “Not my problem,” is the answer. “Others have done it–figure it out.” The closest correlation with poverty in any sample is unpartnered motherhood. Look it up.

    And where are the advocates for effective sex education–which “abstinence only” is not, as has been shown time and again–and ease of access to birth control so that the cause of abortion, i.e., unplanned pregnancy, is reduced or eliminated? Nowhere among the Pro-Life (which should read “anti-sex”) movement. Instead, they are ramping up to re-introduce outmoded programs which have been shown to fail. Nice.

    So keep your holier-than-thou to yourself. If you all cared as much for the children after they’re born as you seem to care for them before, we’d all be better off as a country.

  4. bluebird of bitterness Says:

    1. A child in the womb is not part of the mother’s body, as anyone who has mastered elementary biology can tell you. Half the time the baby is not even the same sex as the mother. It has its own DNA, its own blood type, its own fingerprints, its own circulatory system, etc. — none of which is part of the mother’s body.

    2. As someone who was a full-time mother for 35 years, I’m well aware that children are a lot of work and that they cost a lot of money. Since when is that an argument for killing them? Elderly people, disabled people, and people with serious illnesses also cost a lot of money and need a lot of care, but we don’t line them up against a wall and gun them down. Prisoners cost a lot to maintain, but no one is suggesting that we should euthanize them all to save money.

    3. Your ignorance of what pro-life pregnancy centers actually do is not at all surprising, as such places get almost no press, and what little they do get is almost uniformly negative. The assistance offered at the centers does not end when the baby is born. They offer many services to women and their children, among them parenting classes, clothing, baby equipment, help finding employment and child care, etc. Many of them have doctors who work with them and provide free care to women who lack insurance but who don’t qualify for Medicaid or other assistance programs.

    4. For as long as I’ve been involved in pro-life work (almost 40 years), I’ve been accused of caring about babies only before they’re born and never afterwards. This is just plain silly. The law already prohibits the killing of children who have been born; all we ask is that the law extend the same courtesy to those who are still in the womb.